Piece for 2 bears and 2 performers

Big Bears Cry Too

Miet Warlop

Creation 2018 / Audiences aged 6 or over

Conception et Direction : Miet Warlop
Performance : Christian Bakalov
Assistanat : Barbara Vackier, Geert Viaene, Ian Gyselinck
Création lumières : Henri Emmanuel Doublier
Regard extérieur : Danai Anesiadou
Direction Technique : Hugh Roche Kelly
Directeur de production : Seppe Cosyns
Coordination de production : Elke Vanlerberghe

Production : Irene Wool vzw (Gent), hetpaleis (Anvers)
Coproduction : Vooruit (Gent), Gessnerallee Zürich (Suisse), TJHP Centre Dramatique National Strasbourg (France), AUAWIRLEBEN Theaterfestival Bern (Suisse)
Soutien : Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk), NTGent.

A few years ago choreographer Miet Warlop transformed the stage into a playground where everything was allowed, creating a space for all kinds of crazy and colourful excesses. Youngsters have always been sensitive to a world of controlled extravagance and outbursts. This time she is addressing an audience that is expected to be aged “between 5 or 6 and infinity”, as she herself puts it. Big Bears Cry Too will be faithful to her visual language and method of tackling art and emotions so that even the very youngest in the audience will be able to understand it. The art of puppetry will be revisited through two medium-sized bears who will cry with sorrow and laugh with joy. Their tears will project an unrestrained world, flooded with strange images, encouraging the audience to cry out or sigh with contentment to create an original soundtrack recorded live. The fact that big bears cry too is a comforting thought for children.


The performance will be followed by tea

Fri. 08.06.2018
Charleroi - Les Écuries
+ Sat. 09.06.2018
Charleroi - Les Écuries