Vilma Pitrinaite + Mercedes Dassy

sur invitation

“Preview” residences are designed to provide artists with the ideal conditionsfor perfecting pieces asthey near their premieres. This special support takes the form of a technical residence to put the finishing touches to a show and help with its wider dissemination. The residence concludes with an invitation to professionals to promote exchanges and raise the profile of the creators’ work. This year, our guest artists are Vilma Pitrinaite and Mercedes Dassy (in December) and Ikue Nakagawa (in January).

RBL / Vilma Pitrinaite (LT/BE)

After training as a gymnast, Vilma Pitrinaite became a performer in her homeland of Lithuania. Keen to expand her horizons, she continued her training in France (Extensions/CDC in Toulouse, e.x.e.r.c.e/ CCN in Montpellier) and has collaborated with numerous companies. Spotted at the Aerowaves festival, she has created several pieces that testify to a boldness, imagination and innate sense of disconnects. Today,Vilma Pitrinaite turns her attention in her solo to the figure of the rebel, admiringly and with a touch of humour borrowing from the codes of rap and the energy of anti-establishment movements.

RUUPTUUR / Mercedes Dassy (BE)

A choreographic revelation in the last few years, previous work by Mercedes Dassy, who was born in Brussels in 1990, has dealt with themes of connected hyper-sexual feminism (i-clit) and the more global political reachof contemporary feminism (B4 summer).For her latest creation, Mercedes Dassy is surrounded on stage by three dancers witha powerful physical presence, and she moves from the individual to the collective to create a liberating nocturnal ritual and a pagan, magical and political festival.


Thu. 16.12.2021
Brussels - Raffinerie