Julien Carlier

sur invitation

The “preview” residences are designed to offer artists the optimum conditions to put the finishing touches to their new creations. This support comes in the form of a technical residence that enables a show to be finalised as well as assistance with the dissemination of their work. The residence ends with an invitation to professionals to encourage exchanges and raise the profile of the creators’ work.This year, we are using this display window to invite artists whose premieres were scheduled for the LEGS festival in 2020 but have now been postponed until March-April 2021.

Dress Code 

A self-taught dancer who also went through the Tremplin Hip Hop and Prototype training at the Abbaye de Royaumont, in his work Julien Carlier combines his background in hip hop with contemporary dance. In Dress Code, he returns to his original practice to probe the individuality of the seven breakers on stage, their physical and psychological resilience, and the codes that govern this community.

Thu. 17.09.2020
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie