morning dance class


Vittoria de Ferrari



The aim of my research and work after all this years of performing and working as an artist is to generate the right question that each person is searching for.I won’t give any answer cause this is eventually what every artist will be busy with in their own journey.

In order to rich the “right question” I will work in many different ways and layers, proposing physically demanding tasks that deal with elements of physical, psychological, and emotional risk. These tasks will inherently challenge our various limitations, inviting us to go beyond them.


The warming up of the class will be based on severals exercises based on different martial art techniques (Kalaripaiattu,Aikitaiso) oriental disciplines ( Qi Kong,yoga and shiatsu massage) in order to connect the breathing action with the organic fluidity of the movement of our bodies. Once explored this principal concept we will be able then to apply it also on the floor, adding gravity, dinamics and flexibility.

From now on the class will focus on the crossing of the space using falling

technique ,acrobatic movement inspired also by traditional african dance ; this will bring the consciousness of fast shifting body weight and rhythm ,two important element that will help to rich the understanding of a last choreographique sequence that will end the class.



05 >09.11.2018 - 10:30>12:30
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie

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Morning Class 8€ / Week 35€