morning dance class

Afro floor work

Vittoria De Ferrari

Starting from the first natural mouvement of breathing till arriving to a complex high physicality using speed, dynamic, rhythm and coordinations. We will aim to understand how to use the minimum effort to have a maximal result of our body vocabulary, learning how to use the floor and the gravity to help ourself to transforme it and direct our energy efficiently. The fast body weight shifting that will be propose will increase the understanding of how to free yourself without loosing the consciousness of space and rhythm.

Class is dynamically increasing, aiming at different scales of quality between broad fluid movement and springiness as well as a continuity of innerbody quality throughout set material.

23 > 27.10.2017 - 10:30 > 12:30
Brussels - Raffinerie

+32 (0)71 23 01 33

Class 7€ / Week 30€