Piece for 3 dancers and 1 musician


Caroline Cornélis

creation 2018 / première / Young audiences aged 5 or over

Un spectacle de : Caroline Cornélis
Assisté par : Marielle Morales
Créé avec et interprété par : Julien Carlier, Colin Jolet, Agathe Thévenot, Tom Malmendier
Regard dramaturgique : Isabelle Dumont
Direction musicale : Claire Goldfarb
Création lumières : Frédéric Vannes
Scénographie : Anne Mortiaux

Production : Compagnie Nyash
Coproduction : Charleroi danse
Soutien : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la danse, Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre de la Montagne Magique, Les Chiroux – Centre
culturel de Liège, Théâtre de Namur

Une proposition de Charleroi danse en co-présentation avec la Maison des Cultures de Molenbeek à l’occasion du Mini D Festival

With her dance company Nyash, choreographer Caroline Cornélis, who also has extensive experience dancing for the likes of Frédéric Flamand and Michèle Noiret, is keen to make children appreciate the language of contemporary dance and arouse their curiosity. In her last three shows, she has skilfully played with our relationship with objects. In Stoel, which has won numerous awards, she used the chair as a medium of the imagination and a variety of moves.In her latest creation, the choreographer explores the playground, which is a true laboratory of human relationships. In this microcosm that is both opaque and familiar, the children organise themselves, make things up, fight and withdraw. The space is teeming with activities, sounds and feelings. In 10:10, the choreographer starts with a very specific reality for all the children before taking them off on a more abstract poetic experience, extending and transforming their everyday games and their imaginary world.


The performance will be followed by tea

Fri. 04.05.2018
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie
Fri. 04.05.2018
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie
+ Sat. 05.05.2018
Bruxelles - La Raffinerie