Être ou Avoir un corps ?

Saïd Ait Elmoumen

Breathing movement, listening to and being aware of your body, valuing its actions on stage, listening to time and space, these are the objectives we are attempting to achieve using Aïsaoua and Hmadsha Sufi breathing techniques (a practice in Morocco that attempts to unite the body and soul), and going on to explore certain techniques of Japanese butoh that link movement and breathing.

A language will be formed with the group and will allow it to expand its field of research.

This workshop is intended for dancers, musicians and actors (musicians may bring their instruments with them).

Since the workshop is very physical and involves breathing, before the class starts please indicate if you have any health issues.

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21 > 25.05 - 10h30 > 12h30 + 13h30 > 15h30
Brussels - La Raffinerie

+32 (0)71 23 01 33
Workshop : 100€ / Week